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Going to Slughorn's Party
from HBP

Still Fighting - by Aeryn
Still Fighting
by Aeryn

Summer at the Burrow, by Rainmaker135
Summer at the Burrow
by Rainmaker135

Flights of Fancy, by Goldy.

It is funny that such a mundane thing—visiting the graves of their dead parents—can bring them so close together.

Loonies and Lions: The H/L Fanlisting

Luna: "Would you like me to fix it for you? Personally, I think you look a bit more 'devil-may-care' this way, but it's up to you."

Harry: "Erm, have you ever fixed a nose before?"

Luna: "No, but I've done several toes - and how different are they, really?"

-- Half-Blood Prince (film)

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Welcome to Just As Sane As I Am, the largest fansite devoted exclusively to the cutest, quirkiest little 'ship in the Harry Potter 'verse, Harry James Potter and Luna Lovegood. This site celebrates not just a potential romance, but their amazing friendship as well.

Visitors from all corners of fandom are welcome - until you start bashing/flaming, that is... at which point Luna feeds you to her pet Snorkacks. ;) (Who's to say they're not carnivorous?)

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I hope you enjoy your stay!

-- Aeryn

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U P D A T E S                                                                                                                         

July 10, 2010
Long time no see! Hope there're still a few of you out there. :) As soon as we start getting Luna and H/L images from the DH movies, I'll be posting them here faster than you can say 'nargle.'

More to come soon! And I actually mean that this time. ;)

-- Aeryn, 3:26 PM CST


January 20, 2010
Happy New Year! I haven't 100% decided the future of this site, but I'm going to play things by ear and try and update as best I can. :)

More to come soon!

-- Aeryn, 9:40 PM CST


August 29, 2009
Just noticed tonight that if you Google "Harry/Luna," this site is the first result. Sweet! :)

Enjoy your weekend!

-- Aeryn, 6:32 PM CST


August 12, 2009
Feels pretty good to be updating again! :) For tonight:

Again, if you've got any H/L fanworks you'd like to see posted here, let me know!

-- Aeryn, 12:40 AM CST


August 4, 2009
Well, hello! Anyone still out there? :) I really am sorry for letting this place go by the wayside. But thanks to the HBP movie, I've rediscovered my love for this awesomest of Potterships. Hope you guys enjoy the new layout! In addition to the layout, I've also got:

More to come soon! In the meantime, if you've got any H/L fanworks you'd like to see posted here, lay 'em on me!

-- Aeryn, 1:30 AM CST


July 18, 2008
Truly bizarre... we have a new HP movie coming out in four months, but where are the bulk of the "new" pictures coming from? The last film. Eh. Take what you can get, I guess!

More to come soon! :)

-- Aeryn, 10:13 PM CST


July 3, 2008
At long last... a Luna HBP pic! :D And what a pic it is... check out those Spectrespecs!

New graphics to come soon. :)

-- Aeryn, 3:58 PM CST